Alfresco Zone

Dedicated to the companies whose stylish outdoor furniture and fittings are revolutionising the alfresco dining experience.

While it’s natural for many restaurant owners to focus on and prioritise the look and feel of the inside of their business, the appearance and comfort offered on the outside is equally as vital to the overall dining experience. A restaurant with a visually attractive outdoor space will appeal to more potential customers and create a strong first impression in the diner’s mind; while the rising popularity of alfresco dining across the globe means it’s never been more important for a restaurant to make the most of any outdoor dining space.

That’s why the Restaurant & Bar Design Show has created an Alfresco Zone that will be overflowing with only the trendiest and most innovative outdoor dining furniture and fittings on the planet. Housing everything from the very latest heating solutions to the most stylish all-weather seating; any restaurant owner will discover the products to transform their alfresco dining experience under the sun or stars.

  • Besp-Oak Furniture: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Besp-Oak Furniture

    Stand No: 2182

  • Commercial Interior Design Manufacturers Ltd.: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Commercial Interior Design Manufacturers Ltd.

    Stand No: 6172

  • CORE Design Co: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    CORE Design Co

    Stand No: 4193

  • Cult Furniture: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Cult Furniture

    Stand No: 5184

  • Designium LTD: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Designium LTD

    Stand No: 4182

  • Dutch Furniture Group: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Dutch Furniture Group

    Stand No: 3180

  • Fortune Oriental Holdings Limited: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Fortune Oriental Holdings Limited

    Stand No: 3172

  • GlammFire: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 7176

  • Illuminow: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 9180

  • JPR Lighting: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    JPR Lighting

    Stand No: 8194

  • Light Corp '93: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Light Corp '93

    Stand No: 9184

  • Living Concrete Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Living Concrete Ltd

    Stand No: 4191

  • Lyco Group: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Lyco Group

    Stand No: 8180

  • MEGAMAN® Lighting: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    MEGAMAN® Lighting

    Stand No: 4174

  • SANDALYECI A.Åž: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 6180

  • Technical Lighting Solutions: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Technical Lighting Solutions

    Stand No: 8172

  • The Silk Forest: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    The Silk Forest

    Stand No: 4170

  • Trent Furniture: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Trent Furniture

    Stand No: 3170

  • Whitebirk Sink Company: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Whitebirk Sink Company

    Stand No: 5200

  • Alfresco Zone at the Restaurant Design Show