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At International Play Company (Iplayco), we welcome the opportunity to build new relationships and introduce our clients to the amazing industry of children`s play structures.

We are a world-wide authority in the custom design and manufacturing of indoor play areas as well as theming for toddlers, school age children and young adults. We offer a unique approach in providing progressive, imaginative and educational play systems and theming to family friendly businesses, organizations and institutions. Whether you`re looking to entertain, educate or transform a space with innovative visual appeal, our experienced team of professionals will provide you with the best solution for your specific need.

Since 1999, Iplayco has provided creative, soft playground systems to family entertainment centers, restaurants, churches, retail shopping centers, children`s museums, zoos/aquariums, resort hotels, children`s hospitals, dental offices, fitness facilities, recreation centers, municipalities and other not for profit organizations.

Our theming expertise is vast and our abilities include Tuff Stuff sculpted, soft foam play equipment for toddlers, indoor 3D characters and facades, 2D and 3D climbing walls, themed indoor play structure events such as lookout spheres, slide exits, tube climbs, and much more - if you can imagine it, we can create it!

Play structures have always been our primary business and over the last 18 years we have learned to understand how kids play. We design playgrounds from a few different perspectives, all equally as important.

Safety and durability: We offer the best in products and we adhere to the most stringent safety specifications internationally.

Visual appeal and destination points: We can bend and shape playgrounds to in ways that break the mold of traditional square playgrounds. We also know that kids will visually choose destinations for their next part of their adventures.

Playability: We always add integral items such as rooms for kids to play together as a group. Furthermore we have the largest selection of slides available from any manufacturer in the world.

Functionality: Visibility, accessibility and the absence of dead ends are all important considerations in any design.

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