JESU SEBASTIAN LTD is a new product development company with a growing reputation for creating innovative products. Jesu Sebastian produces high-quality, unique products that will last a lifetime. Jesu Sebastian`s products are registered globally. Our ongoing mission is to design and manufacture more amazing products and to provide a service that is out of this world!

Jesurajah Sebastiampillai, BEng (Hons), is an Inventor, Designer, Founder and CEO of By Jesu Sebastian Ltd. In 1999, Jesu qualified in Aeronautical Engineering at Salford University, Manchester, and has since spent fifteen years working as a financier for his own company in London where he is currently based.

Jesu enjoys designing and developing small ideas into greater, practical and aesthetically pleasing products. He believes in turning ideas into reality. Jesu Sebastian now revolves his life around managing and fully financing his own By Jesu Sebastian® products. Jesu Sebastian`s inventions are mainly in the field indicated by the Jesu Sebastian Trademark.


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