Lines Design Creation & Consultancy

Who We Are
We are
a design FIRM
focused on Architecture Design, Interior design
​& branding
Lines is a multidisciplinary design firm that is home to Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic designers, Illustrators and Artists. We also have a dedicated Production team that compromise of Engineers, Draftsmen and Sculptors.
What do we do?
Each project goes through the eyes of our varied designers and mentors. Everyone brings their idea and is sharpened by wisdom and experience.
It`s hard to beat that.
Why do we do what we do?
Everyone at Lines has their own version of why. However, there is an over riding sense of love and mastery towards our disciplines. We take it all personally, we thrive on the challenge of not knowing where the answer will take us, but we are sure that we wont leave a stone turned until we find the right one.


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