Quiet Interiors Ltd.

Quiet Interiors specialise in all aspects of acoustic treatments as well as soundproofing for both commercial and domestic properties. We offer a supply and install service.

We specialise in stretch fabrics and are also recognised as one of the preferred installers in the UK of BASWA phon acoustic plaster.

Our acoustic treatments capture and convert unwelcome levels of echo from any room or large space, such as busy restaurants/dining areas, delivering back greater clarity to the original sound. By lowering levels of background noise the space becomes more user friendly, offering a calmer more relaxing experience.

These solutions are widely used in both restaurants & bars, public sector buildings, galleries & museums to combat echo & reverberation issues.

As well as stretch fabrics and acoustic plaster we also work with acoustic absorber panels and acoustic wood panelling.

All of our acoustic treatments can be custom designed using colour, print and photos.

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