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The place to see and touch the furnishings that are enhancing the look and feel of restaurants around the world.

Choosing the right style for your furnishings is absolutely crucial when you come to kit out or replace the fittings in your establishment. The wrong furnishings can quickly destroy the consistent brand image your restaurant craves and hit your profits in the long run. Everything from the tables to the curtains need to be carefully planned and add to the overall ambience of your restaurant.

In this zone, visitors will discover the trendiest and most stylish furnishings shaping the way that restaurants around the world look, feel and function. Brimming with innovative supplier exhibitors and a plethora of experts in the industry, you’ll see restaurant furnishings here that you’ll have seen nowhere else. Whether your establishment is the home of fine food or a funky American diner, you’ll return to your restaurant with an abundance of inspirational ideas for furnishing your business.

  • Artisan: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 3182

  • Avocado Sweets: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Avocado Sweets

    Stand No: 7190

  • Bag Buddy: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Bag Buddy

    Stand No: EB6

  • Bay Upholstery: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Bay Upholstery

    Stand No: 1192

  • Casalis: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 2200

  • Caterquip UK: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Caterquip UK

    Stand No: 3200

  • Cellar Maison: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Cellar Maison

    Stand No: 1180

  • Chieftain Fabrics: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Chieftain Fabrics

    Stand No: 5186

  • City Insulation: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    City Insulation

    Stand No: 2181

  • Commercial Interior Design Manufacturers Ltd.: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Commercial Interior Design Manufacturers Ltd.

    Stand No: 6172

  • Concorde BGW Yorkshire: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Concorde BGW Yorkshire

    Stand No: 7180

  • Cult Furniture: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Cult Furniture

    Stand No: 5184

  • Designium LTD: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Designium LTD

    Stand No: 4182

  • Dover Design Associates Limited: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Dover Design Associates Limited

    Stand No: 8176

  • Dutch Furniture Group: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Dutch Furniture Group

    Stand No: 3180

  • EASTWEST ARCHITECTURE: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 2190

  • Ergo Concepts by Evalomel: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Ergo Concepts by Evalomel

    Stand No: 7172

  • Forbo Flooring Systems: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Forbo Flooring Systems

    Stand No: 1182

  • Fortune Oriental Holdings Limited: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Fortune Oriental Holdings Limited

    Stand No: 3172

  • FRL Flooring: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    FRL Flooring

    Stand No: 4189

  • George Thomas Joinery: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    George Thomas Joinery

    Stand No: 7196

  • Global Upholstery Solutions Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Global Upholstery Solutions Ltd

    Stand No: 2170

  • H2o Designs Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    H2o Designs Ltd

    Stand No: EB3

  • International Play Company - Iplayco: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    International Play Company - Iplayco

    Stand No: 6191

  • JESU SEBASTIAN LTD: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: EB1

  • Kolourfull Creative Solutions: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Kolourfull Creative Solutions

    Stand No: EB2

  • Little Artefacts: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Little Artefacts

    Stand No: 8190

  • LXA: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 8192

  • Metal Monkey Designs Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Metal Monkey Designs Ltd

    Stand No: 3202

  • Mosswall UK Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Mosswall UK Ltd

    Stand No: 2183

  • Redfin Aquarium Design: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Redfin Aquarium Design

    Stand No: 3192

  • Restaurant Design Associates (RDA): Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Restaurant Design Associates (RDA)

    Stand No: 6170

  • Revelagora Lda: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Revelagora Lda

    Stand No: 1170

  • Revive Joinery: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Revive Joinery

    Stand No: 4194

  • RhubarbLondon LLP: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    RhubarbLondon LLP

    Stand No: 5180

  • Robin Sprong Bespoke Wallpaper and Surface Design: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Robin Sprong Bespoke Wallpaper and Surface Design

    Stand No: 9190

  • SANDALYECI A.Åž: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 6180

  • SAW Projects Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    SAW Projects Ltd

    Stand No: 1184

  • The Silk Forest: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    The Silk Forest

    Stand No: 4170

  • Tigerplay: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 3206

  • Timeless Sofas & Commercial Seating (Timeless Sofas Ltd.): Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Timeless Sofas & Commercial Seating (Timeless Sofas Ltd.)

    Stand No: EB7

  • TouchHits Music Solutions: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    TouchHits Music Solutions

    Stand No: 8174

  • Whitebirk Sink Company: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Whitebirk Sink Company

    Stand No: 5200

  • About The Sponsor

    Revelagora has become synonymous amongst interior designers and architects worldwide for producing quality furniture for both the commercial & residential markets. We are privileged to have our work feature in some of the best hotels, restaurants, private members clubs and homes around the globe.

    Clients can either choose from our existing catalogue collection, most of which can be customised to individual preferences. Or create entirely new bespoke items to the projects exacting requirements.

    Based in Porto our factory has the capacity to fit out the largest scale of hotels or work on the one off bespoke item for a private client.

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