Charles Barnett


The Goldilocks Challenge: getting the lighting ‘just right’

About Charles Barnett

Charles Barnett is the MD of the Lyco Group, the UK’s leading lighting supplier. With over 20 years of experience in providing lighting solutions for the hospitality industry, he is considered one of the leading experts in lighting today. From personally advising on lighting projects for international restaurant chains, through to developing an unrivalled approach to helping businesses with their LED conversions, Charles’s focus has always been on providing lighting products of supreme quality from reputable suppliers, coupled with unbeatable customer service. As a business, the Lyco Group provides solutions for all lighting challenges for the hospitality industry – from visually impactful front-of-house displays and stunning outdoor ‘party lighting’, through to brightly lit back-of-house ‘work spaces’ and well-lit, secure parking facilities.

Lighting is currently the buzzword in most restaurant and bar renovations or new build projects. Yet as with any ‘experiential customer touchpoint’, it needs to perform a practical function, as well as an emotive role, within your restaurant or bar. From delivering lighting projects across UK hotel chains, through to advising international customers on the specific lighting challenges in locations as far flung as the Maldives and the Falklands, Charles has a wealth of experience and insight which he’ll share during this engaging seminar. You’ll pick up top tips on how to transform outdoor spaces (and on a budget), advice on how to manage back-of-house lighting, and have a few myths dispelled about LEDs. Aimed at anyone looking to upgrade the lighting in their restaurant or bar, this seminar will give you practical, actionable advice – as well as a few new ideas to consider – all with some surprising insights at the end.

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