Ciara Kinsella

Chieftain Fabrics

Panel Session: Design to make your customers happy and spend

About Ciara Kinsella

Doctor of Linguistics and Languages. Up until 2016 I was a lecturer in French in Trinity College Dublin.

Our Company is a family business so I have been involved in design and colour forecasts of our product ranges for the last number of years. Having lived in Paris for many years, design has always been my passion and I have taken
on several projects. Over the years I have redesigned a restaurant and bar, converted an old Sunday School into a home and a full home build from scratch.

I believe that colour, textures and lighting are key factors in not just making people comfortable but also in making them happy.

My focus has been on what we can do to be kinder to our planet. I think it is our responsibility to source sustainable products wherever possible and lower our carbon footprint at every opportunity.