Matt Mason

Chocolate Ltd

Brand Science

About Matt Mason

Matt began his career working as an art director for McCann Erikson, London, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. He’s worked with many global brands including Coca-Cola, Bacardi Martini, Nestlé and Cereal Partners delivering a mixture of creative ideas and campaign strategies, through all media, resulting in significant commercial success for his clients.

Matt founded Chocolate Ltd in 1997 and has watched it grow into a bustling and hungry business working with brands both big and small. He has had many wins over the years including delivering Starbucks’ first ever UK creative campaign and developing marketing assets for The Leadenhall Building.

Matt is expert at delivering big, beautiful ideas but drives with a practically-focused mind set, believing that every piece of creative that runs through his agency must have purpose, deliver results and proven commercial gain for his customers.

Give Matt a problem to solve and he will.

Matt will describe the science behind brand communications and the customer journey. Matt will share his insights from over 25 years of watching, listening and learning from his customers and their audience. He will describe ways in which changing visual cues and messaging can affect customer experience and decisions helping to build sales. He will site case histories to prove the point from his work with many leading industry brands.

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