Matt Parker & Darren Parnaby

Light Corp ‘93

Global Lighting, Local Passion

About Matt Parker & Darren Parnaby

Matt Parker, Senior Project Manager at Light Corp ’93, leads a team of talented lighting designers specialising only in restaurant, bar and hotel lighting. He lives and breathes all things lighting: coming from a background of fast paced and technologically challenging live event production, his experience in using the latest technology to create immersive experiential spaces has crossed over into producing some of the most vibrant, unique and ecologically lit projects around the world. Matt’s aim to test and install the hottest in lighting tech is married with his love of design and visual experience: the core values of Light Corp ’93.

Darren Parnaby, Senior Lighting Designer at LC’93, hails from an art and electronics background with extensive experience of the automation industry. It was there where his electrical engineering skills were honed but is was a creative endeavour into the music and arts world where his love of creative lighting was found. His knowledge and understanding of the technology combined with his natural creative talent is a force to be reckoned with and an invaluable asset to the LC’93 team.

Backed by a team of highly skilled product designers, experienced engineers and an established parent company with over 25 years of pioneering lighting design and manufacture – Matt, Darren and the team at Light Corp ’93 lead the future of hospitality lighting.

Creating vibrant, leading edge lighting schemes for some of the world’s most revered restaurant groups challenges us to travel the globe in search of the unusual and experimental. From ancient sub-Saharan craftspeople and South American artisans to Cornish weavers and Staffordshire potters– these varied, and sometimes lost arts combine with the latest developments in lighting to allow us to deliver the most ecological and technologically advanced restaurants and bars of tomorrow. Explore how the hottest technology and most talented creatives of the world come together to reflect the core values of a brand. How can we produce an immersive, creative and emotive lighting scheme to enhance the interior of a restaurant and further customer experience whilst making the most of new technology? Expertise, knowledge and experience shows how the future is bright.

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