Mark Bithrey

Creative Director at B3 Designers  -  B3 Designers

What's so brilliant about branding?

About Mark Bithrey

Mark Bithrey founded B3 Designers in 2002. He has worked in developing branded architectural interiors in leisure-dominated agencies for more than fifteen years. B3 Designers has, under Mark’s creative direction, developed an impressive, diverse and award-winning portfolio. Recent examples include the award-winning Carbon and Babel bars as well as Le Gavroche.

Prior to founding B3 Mark worked for Din Associates, Revolution and Portland Design where he gained a great deal of experience in the retail sector, having completed projects for Selfridges, Virgin, Guinness and Ferrari. In addition to his work at B3 Mark held the post for Marketing Director at the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), is an affiliate member of RIBA and a member of the Chartered Society of Designers.

Design excellence is about achieving a design which fulfills it’s brief purpose and is long lasting. Design should be innovative buts should not depend on trends, it should always have a sense of timelessness, of elegance. As designers we want to put ourselves into the work, however, the key to achieving excellence is realising that essentially it’s not yours, it belongs to people who see it, use it and design should reflect this awareness.

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