Michael Eccles


Smart lighting … ‘LiFi’… LED conversion – what can new technology in lighting do for your venue?

About Michael Eccles

enthusiasm for technology with his passion for customer service. Regularly advising on complex lighting projects – including LED conversions within international restaurant chains – he has worked closely with Charles Barnett, the MD of the Lyco Group, to develop an unrivalled methodology for delivering LED conversion projects with a transparent payback model.

As quoted in a recent study by the consultancy, BDO, “the restaurant and bar industry has long been viewed as slow to the party when it comes to technology. However, the expectations that customers have for technology to be a part of their experience…means that technology is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’.”

An essential seminar for any restauranteur or bar owner thinking about lighting, Michael will share some of the latest technology developments within this fast-moving industry, as well as how you can practically adopt them into your business. He’ll talk you through one of the most significant improvements that you can make to your bottom line – namely converting your entire premises to LEDs inside and out – and answer any questions that you might have on how to bring your lighting into the 21st century. From dimming to colour-changing, this seminar will make you think differently about the lighting in your restaurant or bar.

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