Chloe Kazamia & Katerina Chanioti

Lighting Design International

Creating ambience with light

About Chloe Kazamia & Katerina Chanioti

Sally Storey, Design Director of Lighting Design International, is one of the UK’s leading lighting experts. Having studied architecture, Sally realised the power of light on space and people’s perceptions and quickly became a respected lighting design specialist. Having now worked in the lighting industry for over 30 years, her extensive knowledge and experience has led to her travelling all over the world designing lighting schemes for esteemed brands, individuals and corporate clients.

Sally’s passion and vision for lighting has led to many prestigious commissions including the multi-award winning restaurant Fera at Claridge’s, Koffmann’s at the Berkeley Hotel, Ham Yard Hotel, Corinthia Hotel, The Savoy and numerous Four Season Hotels including Paris, Prague, Amman and Marrakesh.

Sally has also written three well-received books on lighting and often contributes to national and international press. She is a regular speaker and judge at many leading interior design events, conferences and awards.

Lighting is the secret weapon that can take a restaurant experience from good to exceptional. It’s more than selecting the right feature lights, but about immersing the customer in the story of the food through their environment. A well thought out lighting that is integrated into its surroundings has the ability to do just that. It can take the customer to the next level, giving them an experience to remember.

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