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Where you’ll find the latest lighting solutions from across the globe to transform the ambience of your restaurant.

Lighting is one of the most important design elements within any restaurant or bar. However, it’s often also one of the most underrated. The lighting in a restaurant affects many aspects of the dining experience for a customer - from how appealing the food looks on the plate to the atmosphere within your eatery. A properly lit restaurant can attract more diners, set the correct mood, increase sales and help differentiate space within your establishment.

We want to help you ensure that your restaurant is lit in a way that maximises its potential. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe and crammed into one zone not only the most stylish lighting solutions available, but also a whole host of experts on the subject. Housing everything from accent lighting and wall sconces to display lights and recessed lighting, you’ll find the latest lighting solutions to suit your restaurant here.

  • Albioncourt Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Albioncourt Ltd

    Stand No: 1191

  • Casalis: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 2200

  • Ergo Concepts by Evalomel: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Ergo Concepts by Evalomel

    Stand No: 7172

  • GlammFire: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 7176

  • Illuminati Lighting UK Ltd: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Illuminati Lighting UK Ltd

    Stand No: 7182

  • Illuminow: Drinks Zone Exhibitor


    Stand No: 9180

  • IVC Signs Limited: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    IVC Signs Limited

    Stand No: 2191

  • JPR Lighting: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    JPR Lighting

    Stand No: 8194

  • KTL bright solutions: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    KTL bright solutions

    Stand No: 9172

  • Light Corp '93: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Light Corp '93

    Stand No: 9184

  • Little Artefacts: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Little Artefacts

    Stand No: 8190

  • Lost & Foundry: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Lost & Foundry

    Stand No: EB5

  • Lyco Group: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Lyco Group

    Stand No: 8180

  • Mallory Custom Lighting: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Mallory Custom Lighting

    Stand No: 3194

  • Technical Lighting Solutions: Drinks Zone Exhibitor

    Technical Lighting Solutions

    Stand No: 8172

  • About The Sponsor

    Supplying innovative lighting solutions to restaurants and bars for 20 years, Lyco is a UK company with expertise in all aspects of lighting. From advising on how to convert to cost-effective LEDs, through to sourcing stunning decorative light fittings, Lyco will help to bring your brand to light.

    Founded in 1995 by Charles Barnett, the current MD/owner, Lyco has grown to become the UK's premier lighting company. Our goal is to provide the latest lighting products from around the world at the very best prices, coupled with a level of service that is second to none.

    In addition to stocking an exceptional range of bulbs, we also stock a wide range of fittings - commercial and decorative - in our warehouses in Milton Keynes. This capacity allows us to offer next day delivery on most items ordered by 8pm, ensuring we can get your items to you quickly and easily. And with our 'no quibble' 14 days return policy, we're the number one choice for many lighting contractors in the UK.

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    Lighting Zone at the Restaurant Design Show Lighting Zone at the Restaurant Design Show